look there, sexy boy . If I drew your attention, please read this.


Why do we live like this?
Why we are so rude ?
Why we can’t accept the different ?
Why we hurt others ?
Why do we call people ugly, thick, small, high, freaks, weird, geeks .. Why we don’t  realize that we are pathetic. Why?
We can’t live like that .
What do you think is the beauty?
Why we define who is and who is not beautiful .
That is so wrong . Every day thousands of people are bullied .And they hate themselves because of those “perfect people”.
Everyone should understand that there are no ugly people. What is ugly? Your nose is large, small eyes, thin lips. Is that it? And aren’t we all different, aren’t we beautiful in our own way. Some are “thick” others are “skinny” .. what else. Girls “should” have a sexy tight body and big breasts. The boys must have the sports bodies.
What I mean is, these are just sizes .
We daily see ads on tv , internet or outside. Ads showing the perfect bodies and people .And we want to be like them . But it’s difficult .
We want to be like them . Because we think that , that is the key to become liked. Of course, some people are more attractive than others .But Is this reason to hurt those who do not meet our ideals.

Binzento Vincente White Cedar

Imagine a world in which everyone can be what he wants. This would be a great world full of interesting people with their own styles. A world full of happy people . Imagine that they will feel good in their own skin. A world without violence. World without right and wrong sizes.
That would be amazing .
But is imposible.


I wrote that because i am just tired of all kind of violence .



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